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Since 1994, Equus Racing has provided results and profits unequalled by any other service provider.

Equus racing boasts an average clear profit of $60,000 per annum for their Equus Gold Members.

This is due to Equus Racing’s continued commitment to securing the highest quality information sources, and providing our members with the highest quality services and results. Equus Racing employs a team, that is spread throughout the major training stables and training centres of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Our information sources have hands on intricate knowledge of upcoming horses primed to win. Horses that are working well, trialling well, and first starters with the quality needed to win.

Horse Racing Tips That Will Get You Winning
Turn your bets into big wins with our professional team who have the knowledge and experience to bring you back profits.

It goes like this: We invest the time and money and you come away a big winner.

Since 1994 our team has been producing big profits. Our members averaged over $60,000 clear per annum.

Our staff are ready to assist you with your membership and are available via freecall: 1800 636 182.

1800 636 182

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Equus Racing - Horse Racing Tips

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